Bank Wicket

Wicket is a smart banking app that is designed to empower the Black and Brown communities.

Easy Payment

NO Fees

Never worry about service fees, overdraft fees or any other fees – we’re not trying to take your money, we want you to save it. With our no hidden fee mentality, Wicket is on your side!

No Monthly Service Fees

No Minimum Balance Requirements

No Overdraft fees

No ATM Fees at Network Locations

Get Paid Early

Set up Direct Deposit with Wicket and you can get your paycheck in your account up to 2 days early! No need to wait around for your money anymore and no more paper checks. Wicket makes your paycheck available as soon as your employer deposits it.

Easily Manage Your Money

Always Stay Informed

Real-time alerts so you’re always aware of what is happening with your money.

Keep Track of Everything

View your spending history by merchant and by category.

Reach Your Financial Goals

We’re your personal cheerleaders! Wicket was made for you to reach your goals and to support you every step of the way.

Budget Tested, Shopping Approved

Want to know whether you can splurge on those shoes? Wicket will let you know if it’s within your budget.

Comprehensive Approach to Banking

View all of your accounts in one place. With Wicket, you can link your different accounts, so you get the full picture.

We have a lot of powerful service that you can get. Check for more of our available services in our product.
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Jane Daya


Wicket makes personal banking fun, smart, and free of hidden fees.

Not only that, you'll receive a personalized banking experience to build savings automatically and make better financial decisions all administered through an intuitive mobile app.

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